Mark Weathers Creative

We Specialize in Video Creative.  Video Creative is in Our Hearts.


Working across all media, video channels and platforms we are the video creative partner for brands and agencies.

Our projects include the creation of brand videos, social media videos, events and short films.

We approach each brief with a meticulous eye for detail and problem solving to every projects we work on.  Creating eye-catching visuals to help elevating your brand.

Video creative is our passion and its in our hearts.

Video Creation Capabilities: We have an extensive range of 4K production and post-production kit available​ at our disposal. Motion, Compressor, DaVinci Resolve Studio 17, Unreal Engine, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve.  Mac based edit suites.


Live Shoot Capabilities:   Live shoot crew has access to broadcast kit such as the Sony FX9, Panasonic GH5 (inc. V-LOG), Canon C300. They have access to a SUV crew vehicle. Crew is equipped with PPE and on-site cleaning products for sanitising kit.

Mark Weathers

Video Producer

For five years helping owners of lifestyle brands achieve improved brand awareness and sell more by producing gorgeous tailored video content for many brands.

George is a Cameraman / DOP and Editor with 19 years' professional experience working for a wide range of broadcasters and global brands


George Featherby

DOP & Editor

Brand Video / Social Video / Post Production / Product Shoots / Commercials / Live Shoot & Event Coverage


Clients (George)

- Sony


- Reuters


- Fox

- Apple


- Sky

- Google